Coronavirus update and launch of online interactive worship service

Unfortuantely because of restrictions we have now had to physically close all of our three churches because of the Cornonavirus Covid-19 situation.

There will be no public worship or services in church until this restriction has been lifted and there is freedom of movement.

We are holding an interactive worship service from this Sunday the 29th of March at 9.45am. This can be accessed by computer video link or by the telephone. Here are the instructions:

Dear Parishioners

These instructions are an advance message so that we all hopefully know what to do on Sunday mornings. Jeremy Wakeham will be ‘live’ for fifteen minutes before the service begins if you have any technical questions or want to check your video link is working. The main problems are usually making sure your camera is turned on and your microphone is not muted.

You will receive the Sunday sheet with all the readings and the service outline and responses on later on this week.

This is quite advanced technology and can enable us all to be online or on the phone together at once. Jeremy Wakeham has kindly set this up through his company who are not charging us for it. It is a secure service with just us using it and you wont get a virus (in the flesh) or on your computer from using it!

The other thing to bear in mind is that if we all talk at once it might be quite hard to hear anything that is going on! We want to have a reflective and prayerful service together which I will lead and people can respond to in the places designated, We don't want to listen to over a hundred people shouting ‘is it working?’ Its a work in progress which we can develop and improve as we get used to it. (We could even start having some music or hymns in future!) But lets learn to walk before we run, its a new thing for all of us.

Please join no earlier than 15 minutes before the service starts.

You might want to print out these instructions so you have them to hand before Sunday.

1. Joining instructions by telephone

If you have free weekend calls or are using a mobile telephone: dial 020 7597 6322, access code 66177#.  

If you don’t have free weekend calls dial freephone (from a landline) 0800 1693896, access code 66177#.


2. Joining instructions via the internet for full visual experience: (Before Sunday please download the Google Chrome Browser app from  Please note the service will only work on the Google Chrome Browser

1. Open Google Chrome

2. enter

3. "Join meeting"

4. Meeting ID: 66177 [No passcode required]; "Join meeting"

5. Enter your name [there may be a pause before you join]; "Join meeting"

6. If using an iPad: "Click here to join the meeting using Cisco Meeting App (if installed)"; "Join meeting"

7. If not using an iPad: "Allow" the various requests; "Join meeting"


Please share this information with anybody you think might want to join in but for who I don't have a contact email for. Friends/neighbours etc.

Best wishes and prayers and see you on Sunday (live from the Rectory!) Even priests are not supposed to enter church buildings now.

Fr Alex


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