Tue 24 October 2017

Renovations - latest News

31 October 2016

Some of our Parishioners may have noticed the recent transformation of the graveyard at St. John's.  This has been a particularly difficult season owing to the excessive groth of grass, forcing us to purchase a more powerful lawnmower to cope.

The graves are in the process of complete renovation.  This work is being carried out by Scott Evans who has been employed by Sue Porter.  He is also cutting all the grass.

Our garden of Remembrance is overlfowing and we are having to extend it to accomodate new internments.  This capacity will not last long, as a result we have allocated a new plot next door to the existing garden.  Scott has dug a 30ft trench around the east and south sides and we now await the arrival of new heading swhich will probably take up to five years to establish.

The work scheduled to renew the roof on the south side of the naeve shoud, bats and weather permitting, be done by the end of April 2017.

We will be holding our Sunday Services after Remembrance Sunday at St. Francis Church.  The family service on the first sunday of the month will be held at Clayton church Hall.  All services will remain at 11.15am.  We welcome anyone who may wish to have the occassional 'lie-in' to join us.