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    Monday 10th December
    12:00 Cameo Christmas Party

    Thursday 13th December
    13:00 Bumps, Babies & Toddlers
    17:00 Arklight Youth Group

    Saturday 15th December
    09:00 Hassocks Village Market

    Sunday 16th December
    08:00 Holy Communion BCP - St Francis
    09:45 Family Eucharist - St Francis
    09:45 Sung Eucharist Keymer
    11:15 Sung Eucharist - Clayton

    Thursday 20th December
    13:00 Bumps, Babies & Toddlers

    Saturday 22nd December
    09:30 Requiem Mass

    Sunday 23rd December
    08:00 Holy Communion BCP - Keymer
    09:45 Eucharist - St Francis
    09:45 Sung Eucharist Keymer
    11:15 Sung Eucharist - Clayton
    16:00 Christingle Service at Keymer

    Monday 24th December
    16:00 Crib Service at St Francis

    Tuesday 25th December

    Christmas Day

    Thursday 27th December
    13:00 Bumps, Babies & Toddlers

    Sunday 30th December
    09:45 Sung Eucharist Keymer

    Monday 31st December

    New Years Eve

    Tuesday 1st January

    New Years Day

    Wednesday 2nd January
    10:30 Mothers Union Corporate Communion

    Sunday 6th January
    08:00 Holy Communion BCP - Clayton
    09:45 Family Eucharist - Clayton
    09:45 Eucharist - St Francis
    09:45 Sung Eucharist Keymer


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    Those who have been Confirmed with the Bishop at the Altar
    The group of thos Confirmed with the Bishop
    Telling those under 18 to come see The Bishop when they are 18
    Talking with the group
    Talking with the group
    Bishop Mark leading the Confirmation group out into the Community
    Fr Alex and Fr Tom exciting the Church
    Exiting the Church
    Exciting the Church
    Exiting the Church
    Bishop Mark Leaves First
    Prossing out
    End of the service
    The Final Blessing
    The Presentation of Candles
    Welcoming those who have been Confirmed
    The Blessing
    The Sign of the Cross
    The Blessing
    The Sign of the Cross
    The Blessing
    The sign of the cross
    The Blessing
    sign of the cross
    Bishop Mark Preaching
    The Baptism
    Baptism Cadidate
    Second Reading
    First Reading
    order of service
    playing with leaves
    finding fruit
    being part of the story
    looking for fruit
    finding mice
    on the move
    snack time
    story time
    hunting for mice
    gathering hay
    story time
    making the nest
    lets share
    finding fruit
    hunting for mice in the leaves
    playing in the leaves
    Jesus at the heart of all things
    Let us remember them
    More of the fallen
    Meautys Brothers
    Those who have fallen in war from Clayton
    First World War Flower Displays
    Poppies in the door
    Troops in the Churchyard
    The walk to the church
    Clayton Flower Festival Arch
    Design and Tech
    The Musicans
    The Ladies who produced the panto
    The Cast
    Fr Alex gets cake to the face
    The three wise guys young ladies
    The three wise guys
    The Shepards watching over their flokes
    The inn keeper trying to help Mary and Joseph
    King Herod enters the panto what an evil King
    the inn keeper
    the donkey
    Mary and Joseph
    choir of angels
    Joseph and the Angel
    Our new candles
    Pouring time
    Sifting the hot wax
    Hot wax going into the pouring pot
    The melting pot
    Breaking old candles up
    Melting the old candles
    Parish BBQ
    Parish BBQ after the first service
    Matthew Serving for the first time
    Gospel reading
    Communion at the first service
    First Service
    Music group at the first service
    Fr. Alex And Tamara
    Bishop, Archdeacon and Fr. Alex


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