Staff and Leadership

Our mission and ministry is the responsibility of all church members, but some paid and voluntary posts are necessary to help organise and enable the church to fulfil its potential in reaching out to our community.

Some members of the Staff and Leadership team in the parish are introduced  here with  descriptions of their broad areas of responsibility. You will find others from the home page tabs and under contact us.

 Reverend Alex Baxter - Rector         

The Rector  has overall responsibility for “the cure of souls” - guiding the whole mission and  ministry of the Church of England within the parish. He works closely with the Churchwardens and PCC in ensuring that the church shares the word and love of God in our community. 

Do please contact Alex  if you would like to discuss anything about baptisms, weddings, funerals, confession/reconciliation, house blessings or any other aspect of spiritual, church, community life.

Email: Rev Alex Baxter 

Tel: 01273 875894







Assistant Priest - vacant 




Gary Pickett - Youth Worker

Gary is responsible for our work with young people in the range of  Y1-Y11. He shares his time between this parish and the neighbouring Beacon Parish. Gary's role has been funded with help from The Diocese of Chicester Mission Fund.

Gary was formaly a retail manager and had always volunteered as a youth leader, Gary grew up within the Boys' Brigade from the age of three and is still involved in the BB in his spare time.

Gary has a heart for seeing young people grow and to be the best they can, Gary helps young people grow in their faith and self confidence.

In his spare time Gary enjoys running voluntry youth groups, kayaking, spending time with his Godson's and he likes to organise and go on Mission trips to Uganda.

Email: Gary Pickett

Tel: 07745299289




Robin Holford - Licensed Reader

Robin is a Reader or 'Licensed Lay Minister', with responsibility for assisting in leading worship, preaching and funerals. He was formerly a chemical engineer in the oil industry.

Email: Robin Holford

Tel: 01273 84251







Susannah Anson - Licensed Reader

Sue is a licensed Reader for the Parish. Her desire is to serve God with her whole life. She loves walking alongside people and talking about Jesus whenever she can.

Sue is an experienced teacher of Geography and Maths. She is married to Mike and has two son's Mark and Chris and a one eyed bionic cat called Leo.

Sue has a heart for chaplaincy and is currently a volunteer Chaplin at the PRH, she is also training to be a counsellor

In her spare time Sue enjoys just being outdoors - walking, cycling or camping are her favorite pastimes.










In co-operation with the Rector, the Churchwardens are generally responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the whole parish. These responsibilities include various aspects of administration,  operations, finance and personnel.

Churchwarden - Janet Sharman

Tel: 01273 845194

Churchwarden - Kate Sims

Tel: 01273 844802

Churchwarden - Chris Moss

Tel: 07771 668125

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