The Children's Society

About The Children's Society
We are a national charity working to transform the hopes and happiness of young people
facing abuse, exploitation and neglect. We support them through their most serious life
challenges and we campaign tirelessly for the big social changes that will improve the lives
of those who need hope most. We've been doing this for 140 years and we won't stop until
we've built a society where hope is alive in every child.
We walk towards the young people that society crosses the road to avoid. We see
something in these children, that something is:


Hope for a happier home life, hope of getting a job, of getting away from the people who
exploit and hurt them.
Hope of overcoming the obstacles modern life puts in front of them and hope that
tomorrow can be better than today.
It's right there in the centre of every young person in Britain. Even those who have it
toughest of all, those who are exploited, neglected, unsafe.
We see it.
And we fight for it

The Children’s Society in the Parish
A Christingle service is held in the village during Advent to raise awareness and funds for the
Children’s Society. A number of households have a collection box, and these are emptied
once a year at an after church coffee and raffle event.
Parish Charities
If you are interested in supporting either of these charities, or having a Children’s Society
collection box, please contact Carolyn Paynter 07765862825 or

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